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All Them Witches Releases New Song “3-5-7”


All Them Witches has Releases a New Song called “3-5-7” , which is the fourth song in the 8 song album. All Them Witches has been working on the production of their upcoming album “Sleeping Through the War“, which will be released on February 24, 2017 through New West Records.

“”For me this video is about perspective and the process of self realization. Once you begin to see yourself around you and in others, realizing you are apart of everything (even things that you despise) is something you have to swallow and move toward understanding so you can properly adjust. Remember that one song about that one dude who reached for the stars too soon?  One of the most important and inspiring things I’ve heard is: “in concentration I will place my mind. For those whose thoughts are slack and wandering are caught between the fangs of their own afflictions” or something like that. Those afflictions become everyones afflictions. The cycle continues. The suffering continues. Learn to focus, you can do it!”, the director Robby Staebler had said.